Uploading MP3 Files With MarsEdit

Wednesday, 19. March 2008

Reader dimmer asks:

Out of curiosity have you tried uploading an mp3 via MarsEdit? Does it work?

I had not tried it and before the question was asked I had not uploaded any files besides JPEGs with MarsEdit. But why not try now? The MarsEdit Media Manager allows you to upload any type of file to your web server. I looked around for an MP3 that I could offer on my site without running afoul of the dreaded RIAA. I had just downloaded The Bastard Fairies album Memento Mori and since they encourage free distribution of their music* I picked a track, dropped it on the Media Manager and then clicked Upload & Insert.


When the MP3 file finished uploading MarsEdit added a link to the file into the draft of this post:

It look's like you don't have Adobe Flash Player installed. Get it now.

It works great, but with one caveat that I'll talk about in my next post.

*The download page for Memento Mori says:

These 12 tracks from our album are FREE for all to download, and we just ask one simple thing. Please make copies for all your friends and ask them to do the same, and so on and so forth.

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