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Friday, 21. March 2008

In the previous post I explored using the MarsEdit Media Manager to upload non-image files to your website. As a file uploader it works great, but it doesn't work quite as well as a “media manager” for those non-image files. After uploading an MP3 file I went to the Media Manager Catalog to see if I could drop an existing MP3 file into a new blog post as easily as I could with an existing image file. I couldn't because the Media Manager Catalog doesn't handle non-image files well at all.


The highlighted area in the above screenshot is the MP3 file of Memento Mori by The Bastard Fairies that I uploaded earlier. Media Manager displays a light blue rectangle as a place holder for the file but it will not show me the file name or even let me click to select it. I tried uploading several other non-image file types – such as a PDF file – and the Media Manager Catalog handles them all the same way.

The Media Manager Catalog clearly intends to handle non-image files because there is a combo box that can used to filter the view by all files (the default), images only or non-image files only. Interestingly, I can select and insert a non-image file by using the cursor keys to select the file and then clicking insert, but I can't select the file with a mouse click. Even then if there is more than one non-image file there is no way to tell which non-image file you are inserting because there is no file name displayed.

I don't know if this would be classified as a bug or a partially implemented feature. Whatever the case, I would like to see Red Sweater get the Media Manager Catalog working to fully support non-image files. While they are at it there are some other features I would like to see in the Media Manager.

  • Catalog SyncSync the Media Manager Catalog with files that already exist on the web server. Add existing files to the catalog and also dDelete any entries from the catalog that don't exist on the web server.
  • Catalog Delete – Delete a file from the Media Manager Catalog. and also delete the file from the web server. It might also be nice to download the deleted file first and put it in the local Trash in case you made a mistake or change your mind.
  • QuickLook Integration – While I wouldn't expect anything more than an icon in the Media Manager Catalog for non-image files, it would be nice to be able to preview the files in QuickLook. This would be a nice feature even for image files which already have a thumbnail view in the Media Manager Catalog.
  • Upload and Hyperlink Path Config – Configuration option to specify/override the default for both the file upload and hyperlink paths. (I swear this was an option in an earlier version. But I guess either I hallucinated it, I can't find it now or it has disappeared in the current version.)
  • Upload Multiple Files – Drop more than one file on the uploader and upload them all to the web server.
  • Replace File – When uploading a file with the same name as an existing file, Media Manager adds “_0”, “_1”, etc. to the file name and uploads it as a new file. It would be nice to have the option to replace the existing file instead.
  • Catalog Duplicate Files – When a file with the same name is uploaded the blog API adds “_0”, “_1”, etc. to the file name, but the Media Manager Catalog still shows the original name in the Catalog instead of the new name.

If you have any additional suggestions for improving Media Manager let me know in the comments. Better yet, let Red Sweater know too. MarsEdit is a great product but we can help them make it even better.

Update: I opened a topic on this issue on Red Sweater's MarsEdit forum. You can comment there as well as here.

Update: Daniel Jalkut responded to the forum post and pointed out that some of these features are simply not possible given the current blog APIs. I have updated my list accordingly.

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